Hong Kong Travel Day 3. Purchase of Man-han-dae-chan(滿漢大餐) 1Box

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Hong Kong, from August 12 to 14th, 2017.
It is the third day of travel in Hong Kong and the last posting in Hong Kong travel. I took some great pictures at Central Plaza and returned to Lan Kwai Fong Hotel.


Around Lan Kwai Fong Hotel

Sheung Wan Station to Lan Kwai Fong Hotel is a 10-minute walk away. Google Maps says 5 minutes, it’s time to start from the subway station. It takes quite a long time to get off the MTR and get out of the station. We walked slowly from Sheung Wan Station, so it takes about 10-15 minutes.


It was the way to walk from Sheung Wan Station to hotel. I find a house selling a unique bread. It was not bread, but glutinous rice cake. It is a house that puts other things in the glutinous rice cake and not the red bean.


Let’s see the X banner next to it. Put mango, peanut, durian (huh?!), Kiwi, strawberry, and banana in glutinous rice cake. Oh … Let’s try this one in a car that’s been hungry for a bit. We ordered one of the mango waxy rice cakes.


We were standing in the alley and were looking at the strange rice cake. The size is considerably larger than I thought.


It is a feeling that mango and rice cake can not mix with eating. My wife tasted it and said it was not good. I ate all that was left. The taste was not very good, but it was cool.


Walking a little further, I can see Jenny Bakery. It is the Jenny Bakery that I visited on the first day. Jenny Cookie ‘Authentic Guarantee’ is written in Korean. Is not ‘authentic’ and ‘genuine’?


There are not many people in store now. Jenny Bakery is really the best cookie. Next time I say goodbye to see you again.


Buy a box of Hong Kong’s ‘Man-han-dae-chan'(滿漢大餐)

When we go abroad, we buy local cup noodles at convenience store. That was like the fun of traveling our couple. Yesterday I bought some cup noodles at a convenience store on the way from Disneyland to the hotel. Among them, there was ‘Man-han-dae-chan(滿漢大餐)’. My wife screamed, “It’s the best ramen I’ve ever eaten!” We are going to buy Man-han-dae-chan before leaving for Korea today. I found a supermarket near the hotel. Walcommart, I feel good from the name.


Pretty big supermarket. It is a comprehensive supermarket that sells everything from fruit to daily necessities. Picture is the first floor and there is another floor. We scanned the first floor quickly, but if it was a cup, we quickly noticed that there was no corner and we went straight down to the basement.


As soon as I came to the basement, I found a showcase of cups. And here is Man-han-dae-chan !! Oh? Man-han-dae-chan There was a spicy taste. But the wife can not eat spicy. So I try to buy the usual flavor on the left.

“How many will you buy?”
“One box!”


Listening to it, looking up, I can see a box of Man-han-dae-chan. There was just one box as if waiting for us. Ha ha ha ha ha ha but it is too high. My wife asked the store staff for help.


The staff brought a ladder. The staff handed us a box of Man-han-dae-chan. My wife was excited. You want to take a real box ?! Yes! Yes, OK!


It is the back of my wife who looks happy. I thought about our baggage. One Jenny Bakery carrier, one box of cups. Half of our baggage will be eaten?


We set off to the airport. The MTR to the airport is Airport Express.


Man-han-dae-chan box going into baggage. Man-han-dae-chan arrived safely in Korea.

It was a short Hong Kong trip, but it was a memorable trip. It is Hong Kong which wants to travel again by a longer schedule. The next trip is also Thailand !! My wife and I went to Thailand three times in 2017. Sooner or later I’ll post it!