Thailand Travel Day 4. Breakfast at Rambuttri with Rib noodles

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I traveled to Thailand from May 22 to 27, 2017.
We found Asheeyah Roddee again on the morning of the 4th day, which was a true Rib noodles we met in Thailand. Asheeyah Roddee’s Rib noodles, please check the link below.

Thailand Travel Day 3. The best rib noodle I’ve ever met at Rambuturi  

Rib noodles kept thinking. I did not order the hotel breakfast separately and ate outside the hotel. Two days out of four had breakfast here. It really is the best Rib noodles.


Asheeyah Roddee re-visited is awesome !!

First I order Rib noodles. Look at the soup with a thick soup !! It is truly ecstatic to meet again. From the smell delicious!


I will order additional rice. When I came last time I ate only rib noodles and it was not enough. We ordered rice to look like fried rice because we wanted to eat it.


Rice and chicken, such as curry fried rice, were delivered together. It looks delicious, but it was really delicious when I ate it!


I order them one by one and eat with my wife. All the ordered menus are very good from the morning. And I guess I can use force to eat rice again. Power comes from eating rice!


Though I showed you in the last posting, Rib noodles contains a lot of meat. The white stuff behind is meatballs. There is a meatball with one by one. The meat is soft, moist and very delicious.


Chicken in fried rice is very delicious because it is seasoned well. Flesh is also very delicious. I seasoned rice. It was very well roasted fried rice, so I ate it comfortably.


It is the interior scenery of Asheeyah Roddee. It is a structure where various shops are gathered. Everyone gets an order and everyone serves. Best!


I ordered an additional spring roll that my wife liked. Oh, there is vegetables together. It looks like a more elegant food when it comes to design. Sauce is also filled.


Very crisp and well fried spring rolls !! I ate breakfast very nice. This is better than a fine restaurant. It feels better than a good hotel breakfast.


clear! I did not eat vegetables. I actually did not know if I could eat it. It was a very nice and satisfying morning. Wow –


I’ve posted it once before but once again !!


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