Hong Kong Travel Day 2. Take a mining train from the Disneyland Grizzly Walks  

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Hong Kong, from August 12 to 14th, 2017.
Exit the Iron Man Experience and go to a place that looks like a safari. This time I visited Grizzly Gulch.


Grizzly Gulch

Suddenly it rained and I bought a Star Wars umbrella. It is a parasol umbrella. It is also useful, very cute and pretty. Umbrella is still used well.


Now let’s go to Grizzly Gulch !! Grizzly Gulch is located on the left hand side of Hong Kong Disneyland main gate.


You can see zoo-like themes. The milestone of primacy. Move to Grizzly Gulch.


I found an ice cream shop. I ate ice cream. Even with the rain, the weather is hot.


Grizzly Bear is turning popcorn. Cute ♥


I bought Mickey Mouse chocolate ice cream!


It’s a real canyon !! Hong Kong Disneyland has created very well themed themes for each character. So it seems that there are many things to see.


I stood in line because I could ride the train. The name of this train is Big Grizzly Mountain Runway Mine Cars. There are many people here.


I do not know the Grizzly. It seems to be a scene in the movie. Our turn soon came.


The mine train has arrived. It is a wooden train. You can have two seats. It is a rides such as a roller coaster.


This mine train speed is quite fast. I think I know why there is the word ‘runaway’.


The Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway mine train is a course that will take you through the entire canyon. It was fun.

The time we spent in Hong Kong Disneyland was too short. My trip to Hong Kong was too short. So the Disneyland schedule only lasted about half a day. However, the schedule was the largest in Disneyland during the three day event in Hong Kong. It is Disneyland which I want to come back someday. Next time I will go to the night view of Disneyland Castle!


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