Hong Kong Travel Day 2. Iron Man in Disneyland  

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Hong Kong, from August 12 to 14th, 2017.
2nd Day Disneyland Posting Continues. This time I visited the Iron Man Experience. I like Iron Man a lot. It is expected.


IRON MAN Experience

The IRON MAN Experience was well seen from afar.


From the map, it is attached to the Tomorrowland wall side.


It is the tree in front of Iron Man Experience, two trees are connected.


The popularity of Iron Man is also great. There are a lot of people. The image is coming out from the upper monitor. There are exhibits on the floor. I feel like I came to the museum.


It seems to be the power plant in Ironman 1. But is not it blue in movies?


Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark’s props. The exhibits are detailed and of good quality.


It is mark 1 that Tony Stark made in the cave when it was abducted. Mark 1 exploded, but where did you get it?


You can also see the equipment in Tony Stark’s lab. My memory was a laser experiment.


And super computer jarvis is !! Wow !! The size is huge. Later, I plan to purchase this supercomputer someday !!


It is mark 5 which appeared in Iron Man 2. It turned out that the bag turned into an iron man suit. I can see well the wounded part. The details are very very good good good!

But … I guess there was something wrong with the IRON MAN Experience. People did not move for about 40 minutes anymore. We waited outside because the problem was not resolved. I wasted time too much. T ^ T I’m going to meet Grizzly now!