Hong Kong Travel Day 2. Buzz Lightyear I met at Disneyland  

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Hong Kong, from August 12 to 14th, 2017.
We are in Hong Kong Disneyland. We visited Tomorrowland.


Hong Kong Disneyland – Tomorrowland

The planets are visible. Continue straight along the road.


A space-like building appears. The building has a sign called ‘Hyperspace Mountrain’. Let’s go inside! I plan to spend about half a day in Hong Kong Disneyland. I want to board everything possible.

Look at the map here. 66 in Tomorrowland! It is a building that you can see if you go straight to the right from the main gate straight.


There were not many waiting lines. But it is dark like a theater. I see a person who shines in the darkness in the face.


I can see Buzz Lightyear! We ride the train and go to get the bad guys.


The train is waiting. Get on the train! It’s a space train-like train.


Two people can sit, and there’s a gun in the front. And you can see the scoreboard with SCORE in front of you. A base score of 100 points.


When you hit a bad guy with a gun, the score goes up. simple? I’ll kill you! Each place has its own score. I think it’s a good idea to have a score match with someone who is with you.


There are villains on both sides of the train. You can hit the villain with a gun. It is a laser gun. Reload is not necessary.


There are a lot of bad guys. The train moves quickly and it is difficult to fit.


Now the atmosphere is the boss villain will come.


At the end of the tunnel, the Buzz Lightyear I met at the start is back out. And on the right is a boss villain. I’m fighting the boss villain with Buzz Light! Buzz Light also has the same gun as us.


Yep! Yep! die!!! I have taken more pictures but it’s been shaken in the dark;


Anyway, I joined three alien friends in the snow and finally defeated the boss villain. Good bye!!


The very first child is also celebrating the victory. Mission Complete!


When the train arrives at the terminal, I get the final score. The score comes with the level.


And wait a minute and you get the final score! Ugh! The difference between my wife and the score is enormous. There is a difference of 30,000 points. I am also great.


You can see the grade according to your score. But I can not read Chinese. It was a fun-filled Hyperspace Mountrain. Hong Kong Disneyland posting will continue! Next comes Iron Man. Let’s meet again!