Thailand Travel Day 4. Recommend Hua Hin Hotel – So Sofitel Hua Hin  

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This is a travel trip to Thailand from May 22nd to 27th, 2017.
I finally arrived at the So Sofitel Hua Hin hotel. It was really hard !!


So Sofitel Hua Hin

From the entrance it looks very big and luxurious. A very wide staircase is in front of your eyes.


My wife walks up first. The leopard statue is wonderful.


I climb the stairs and I can see the wonderful scenery. The weather was so hot that I wanted to go into the water. The depth of water looks shallow.


I looked back the way I came. The view is very beautiful, right? The weather is very good. Do you see the garden behind the stairs? The garden is beautiful. And you see white rabbits? There was a very big rabbit holding a watch standing in the middle.


Surprisingly, this is the lobby. Unusually, the lobby is outdoors. There was a long table in the middle. There is a big fruit on the table. There is a reception desk right next door. I sit in a chair and wait. My wife is touching a big fruit.


After a while, the staff brings the car and the towel. Thank you. And I wrote the documents for check-in. The staff is very friendly. It is also a 5 star hotel.


The whole hotel is nature friendly. There are many attractions.


Finally enter the room! It is appearance of room. Wow – That’s the room I used to see in movies. Room size is too big. A bed of unusual appearance comes into my eyes.


Here is the bathroom. It seems to be very luxurious !! There is a toilet and a bathtub, the shower is in the middle.


This is the ceiling shower. This whole room is a shower. The feeling of showering in the middle of the spacious space was strange. It is feeling under the waterfall.


On the wall there are several cups with a coffee machine.


Something was stuck on the wall. I looked closely, and it was a lizard-shaped hanger. Oh, I thought it was a real lizard.


Welcome furuts are also laid out so cute. First, I have to eat some fruit.


It gives us a little rest while we eat the cookies we have packed. It is a hotel that feels really good. I am comfortable in bed. It is a hotel with only the word ‘healing’.


The card says: Nature needs a rest too. Thank you for your part. However, if you wish your bed linens to be changed, please place this card on the pillow. So Sofitel Hua Hin is a natural feeling. It seems to be a very good option to come to Hua Hin as a resort.


There is also a ticket to get a massage at ‘So SPA’. I plan to go for a massage soon.


If you go to Hua Hin, go here! ‘So Sofitel Hua Hin’ is the best hotel.



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